qlo: Redefining grooming with care and love

QLO is a revolutionary brand bringing to you the best personal care products. It is a Vedic initiative which has infused modern and traditional ingredients to enhance your care regimen. We select superior quality ingredients to make our products which are inspired by the Vedic way of life. Our products are cost-effective and organic.

QLO is Organic

Qlo is an Indian Brand that offers certified-organic personal care products. Qlo’s products are original recipes and are naturally sourced infused with organic ingredients that are good for your body. Qlo’s products are organic and ethical. Honesty is personal care for us and we have celebrated that by producing an organic and sustainable personal care product line.

QLO is indian

Founded in India, QLO brings beauty and wellness globally by promoting the message of our Vedas. QLO products are inspired by the ancient and traditional science of Vedas. At the heart of all our products, you will find traditional ancient ingredients. We work with natural ingredients that bring purity to all QLO products.

QLO is herbal

Are you unhappy with your hair care products? Are you looking for effective skincare products? Ditch those chemically made options and treat yourself to our herbal products. QLO is made with natural ingredients which nourish your skin, hair and body. From shampoos, oils and masks to teeth whitening products, we have everything you need to keep looking good.


Guided by the wisdom of our Vedas, we have brought together traditional ideas and modern solutions. India was a centre of healing and culture which has inspired us to bring together traditional ingredients, Indian culture and local ingredients to create modern skin and hair care solutions. We celebrate India’s rich knowledge and heritage through QLO products which bring together different ingredients from all over our country.